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Welcome to my herbal vision! I created this platform to express my visionz for a better world where nature is respected and revered. my herbal vision includes a future that respects cognitive freedom and mutually symbiotic relationships with nature. Mushrooms and cannabis have the ability to heal our planet and our people so it is a disservice to our citizens to deny access to something that could help so many people.

psychedelics have changed my life in beautiful ways and i want more people to be able to experience this powerful medicine. peacefully exploring one's own consciousness should be a human right. psychedelics have been used to treat ptsd, anxiety, depression, and even addiction. we deserve access to this medicine just like we deserve access to cannabis. it is unethical to make nature illegal and i won't stand for it. I am creating 'Herbal Visionz' as a way to spread my visionz for a better world.

This is the story of my Herbal Vision
I started living when I turned off my television
I started telling my vision
Herbal Visionz on a mission
to give your blind minds eye a verbal incision

The myco magician 🍄
Got you wishing your mind wasnt in prison

This isnt superstition or nonfiction
Time to petition for a new tradition
Time to change the legislature of nature

Time for a deposition
We are ruled under a harmful condition
Our ambition will grow if we come together in a coalition in opposition of prohibition
Maybe the inveigle nature of the regal bald eagle will pursue the people to not make nature illegal

Then again this entheogen is the universes play pen
Hey, business men
can i get an amen?

This medicine is for you too
and only one breakthrough
can help you see what is true
its like voodoo shampoo for your world view
when you look into this taboo
you will see de ja vu
the cannabis industry, I’m talking to
we need to get a crew to start the same hubaloo
because this mindset isn’t new
set your mind or they’ll set it for you

time to entomb the doom you assume because in reality
the sacred shroom helped my mind bloom
falsely, you presume but No longer will I allow your gloom to consume
The psychedelic made me an angelic relic
Down the rabbit hole, It will show you your soul and make you whole
To party is not the goal

we need to address this abscess that we all progress
just confess this mess only causes much stress
you repress the real progress
that the wise one with head dress will express
unless you want transgress, i suggest we attest
the 1% that calls themselves the best blessed

I’m on a quest
to fight for the depressed,
the oppressed that have to digest a wrongful arrest
your voice is power, now is the hour to express your distress

so please give psychedelics a win
because my spirituality is not a sin

Much Love,
Herbal Visionz

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Psychedelic Therapy

The psychedelic revolution is upon us! Psychedelics have the potential to treat ptsd, depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, and possibly much more. They have helped with my own ptsd, depression, and helped me quit drinking alcohol. Psychedelics have improved my life in so many ways and I demand respect for them. This blog is my way of speaking up for the plant medicines that have made me a better person. Sharing your story and educating people on the studies being done with psychedelics is the easiest way to change peoples minds. 


Cannabis - Living Soil Garden Blog

No till living soil gardening is basically just mimicking mother nature. Earth has been doing her thing for far longer than humans have existed and I think it is time for us to recognize that. Nature does the things she does because it works. Nature is straight OG. We should be looking to nature as a living organism that we can learn from. Nature is my mentor. 


New Page

New Page

I believe that in order to progress the human race, we must protect our right to explore our consciousness freely. Legalization will allow for research and controlled use. These “drugs” were made illegal for illegitimate reasons and it is time for it to change. Psychedelics aren’t just for “tripping”, they can be sacred tools used to connect to our higher purpose. This is a call to action for all users to come out of the “psychedelic closet” and talk openly about the benefits of psychedelics in order to normalize it.

Laws are meant to be amended and changed over time as we learn and grow as a society. A lot of rules and laws made through history are to further empower those who are in power, and are not in the interest of the people. The law should not dictate what we put into our body, as long as we don't bring harm upon others or their property.

In the words of Howard Zen, “Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it.”

It is time to protest for progress.