Just wanna give a quick update on how my plants are doing and some things I learned.

So I popped these seeds of OG Brulee on Oct. 5th on the full moon
Nov 5th I transplanted them from solo cups into my new 4x4 Grass Roots Fabric Pot with Paonia Soil's Bomb Mix. 

The one up front wasn't lookin too hot at first but she is def perked up now!

I had a problem with leaf curling which I think was caused by my light being too low so I raised it up to 18 inches. Temps at 70, humidity about 55, Ph should be good. 

Nov 5th.png

I noticed a lil thrips and/or mites damage so I put a leaf under the scope and found this lil fucker...


It is hard to tell and I've had many different people tell me many different things but I think I'd have to agree that it looks like a two spotted spider mite. I have started spraying with Dr.Bronners every night when the lights go off. They seem to be under control and all new growth seems healthy. 



I STILL need to lay down my cover crop, I be slackin! But I started to soak them the other day and they should be ready to plant tomorrow! Hemp stalk mulch is coming soon as well :) 

I'm hoping they will show their sex soon so I know how many plants I will really have. I'll have to chop n drop the males. They will turn into compost which my plants will eventually get more nutrition from. That's the magic of No Till living soil baby! 

Nov 5th (1).png

I'm working on making my own compost tea brewer like Tim Wilson's. I keep messing it up and I had to go to the store like 3 times already so I got frustrated haha but I will have it up and running soon. I'll need to start making compost teas asap! 

I also tried to make some FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice) which I also fudged up lol. I half assed it when I should have full assed it. I didn't weigh out my sugar and I'm thinking that I didn't add enough. I got a black mold on the top so I had to trash it. Next time I will be more precise. Check out this video if you wanna learn more about FPJ:

I think that's about it for now. Much Love