Getting my indoor garden set up and I will start blogging my progress every week. 

I popped some seeds of OG Brulee from Covert Genetics on 10/05/17
Today (11.05.17) I transplanted into my new Grass Roots 4x4 raised bed

Here are all the products I'm going to be using:



I will also be:
-collecting my own microbes called Indigenous Microorganisms
-making seed sprout teas
-making Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)
-compost teas
-I'll add some worms and cover crop
-I have some hemp stalk that I will chop up into mulch



As you can see, the babe in the front isn't looking great. Hopefully, she will perk up in her new home! This is 'The Bomb' soil mix from Paonia Soil Co. It should have all the goodies she needs! I will only have to use straight water for the first couple weeks. 

I added some rocks and blocks of wood that I will try to inoculate with mushroom mycelium! I'm trying to grow just the way nature does. It's going to be a magical jungle in here eventually. I'm going to start sprouting my cover crop now :)


Stay tuned to see how it turns out! 

Much Love,
Herbal Visionz