Happy Festivus!

Its been awhile since I posted an update and my garden is lookin sexy

Products I'm using:
-4x4 bed from Grass Roots Fabric pots
-Microbes from Cultured Biologix
-Soil from Paonia Soil Co
-OG Brulee from Covert Genetics

-Spraying with Dr.Bronners for pest control
-Used an essential oil spray one day and tried out Big Time Exterminator

Also using:
-Hemp mulch to retain moisture and feed microbes
-Cover crop mix with Rye grain, common vetch, faba bean, red clover. Cover crop will take nutes from the air and put them into my soil for my plants to use. Pretty trippy if you think about it. 
-LEDs from Platinum Grow lights- p450

Dec. 21st.jpg

11/27- Added hemp mulch which I soaked in microbes from Cultured Biologix

12/12- Took some clones of Xena because I'm pretty sure she is female. (Xena is the giant one in the middle)


I put some of my mushroom jars in with my tent for a lil Co2 boost


I start spraying daily or every other day with Dr.Bronners when I notice this bug with two spots is still hanging around. No one yet has been able to ID it. I thought it was a two-spotted spider mite because it looks like it has two spots but the spots look different. 

20171212_221625 (1).jpg

As of today (12.25) I haven't seen this lil guy in a couple weeks now. I've been spraying obsessively and I think it might be under control. I'll keep my IPM game on track though. 


12/12- Cover crop is coming up on my smaller plants. They look happy :)


12/14- My oyster mushroom mycelium is starting to grow. I will be working with this mushroom a lot so I think I'll start a seperate blog on mushroom growing. 

Agar plates of oyster mushroom! 

Agar plates of oyster mushroom! 

12/15- Started to Flower! 


When I flip to 12/12, I have to zip my tent all the way up and when I unzip it in the morning it gets super humid. It was at 88% one morning! That soil holds a lot of water so that is probably part of it.

I started to set up my inline fan to take the humid air out but I was confused at first. When I first hooked it up, the tent blew up like a balloon and I was worried that it would damage the tent or the plants. I turned the fan around so that it was sucking the air out instead and this made the tent go concave. 

I was also worried that the tent going concave would damage the tent or plants but I asked instagram and everyone said this should be fine. I got a speed controller for the fan so I can make it less powerful. I opened a little vent on the bottom where light couldn't get so that fresh air could still come in. I zipped myself inside the tent just to make sure no light was coming through and it was good to go! 


Dec. 19th- I started a seed sprout tea (SST). I sprout the same seeds that I use for cover crop and I blend them up and dilute them to water into my garden. Seeds contain enzymes that my plants will use to turn the nutrients in my soil into a plant available form! 


My smaller plants are coming along too! These were popped from seed a month after my bigger ones

Dec. 1.jpg




Today I confirmed one male and I think I might have another but I'll give it another day or so just to be sure. 

That's all for now!

Much love!

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