On 12/30 I confirmed 3 more females so I transplanted and topdressed.

Getting crowded!

12/31 I thought I found 2 more females so I also transplanted/topdressed. Found out a couple days later that one of those was a male and it wasn’t looking super good so I wasn’t too upset about it.
Transplanting from the Smart pots is really difficult to get the pots off plus they rip out some of the roots. Next time I will only use Smart pots if I have room to grow seed in the biggest pot so I don’t have to transplant. I really like the Earth Box so far so I might just buy more of those next time.
I also noticed that there wasn’t a lot of root action going on when I transplanted. I thought the roots would be everywhere but most of them looked like this:

Scraggly looking roots

This one looks much better but this is from the one that I transplanted into 15 gal but then discovered it was actually a male.

1/2 I started flowering! So excited! After a night of having the tent zipped up all the way, I woke up the next morning and my humidity was at 84%! Not good! I guess I’ll have to buy a dehumidifier for night time. I’m worried because I found a couple leaves that look like PM but I’m not sure. I sprayed with Dr.Bronners and I have a sample of Big Time Exterminator coming so hopefully that will help.
I had some LABS going but I messed it up. I found some green/black mold growing on top so I threw it out. I think I should have extracted it sooner and next time I’m going to use an air lock that will let CO2 escape but not allow other microbes in. This time I only had a cloth covering the top so that was a mistake.

Bottom left corner you can kinda see the black starting to come in

On 1/4, I found 4 males! It is sad having to chop my beautiful plants but I put them to use by juicing the leaves to put in my smoothie and I’ll use the stems to grow Oyster mushrooms on! Males aren’t completely useless I guess 



Yummy juice!


YAY! More room for the ladies!

I still have one more plant to sex but 4 females isn’t too bad. I’m learning a lot and I already have a lot more respect for growers everywhere because now I see how much time and commitment it really takes and I’m not even done yet!

Much Love,
Herbal Visionz