So it has been about a month since I started flowering (1.2.17) and my tent is starting to smell like candy! So exciting!
I really need to invest in some Method 7’s so you can really see whats goin on…



I started using using Mammoth Microbes on 1.24.17 but made the mistake of using 7x the amount that I was supposed to! I was a little worried it would mess with them but its been a couple weeks now and they look great!


My clones are looking good but I realized that I might have taken clones from a male lol so right now I only know that one of my clones is actually female. Such a derp move! I was just excited about taking clones and wasn’t thinking.

I’m poppin some beans of Nana’s Fix (Pollen Nation Genetics) tonight and I’ll wait for the full moon next week to pop some more!

Check out this info about how the moon effects plants, Its pretty interesting and makes me want to learn more about the effects that the moon has on everything:
Just as the moon pulls the tides in the oceans, it also pulls upon the subtle bodies of water, causing moisture to rise in the earth, which encourages growth. The highest amount of moisture is in the soil at this time, and tests have proven that seeds will absorb the most water at the time of the full moon.”

Thats it for now! Thanks for reading!

Much Love,