I saw my buddy on the Probiotic Farmers Alliance facebook group do this with his clones and I thought it was a cool idea!

I think every organic grower should have an Aloe plant! Not only are they fun to grow but they are full of goodies like enzymes, saponin, Salicyclic acid, vitamins, and amino acids.

Lets check out why these are so important:

“In plants saponins are found especially in plant skins where they form a waxy protective coating. It has also been found that saponins are a major part of the plants’ active immune system and function as a ”natural antibiotic” for plants.”

Salicyclic Acid-
“Salicylic acid is involved in local and systemic plant defense responses against pathogens. It plays a role during stresses such as drought, chilling, heavy metal toxicity, heat, and osmotic stress. SA can volatilize and warn neighboring plants of attack.” furthermore, aloe has a wide range of nutrients, and it also contains growth hormones and natural rooting compounds.”

“Soil enzymes increase the reaction rate at which plant residues decompose and release plant available nutrients.”

Amino Acids-
“Amino acids can also serve as biological sources of both carbon and nitrogen and are found in the rhizosphere as a result of lysis or cellular efflux from plants and microbes and proteolysis of existing peptides.”

See how cool Aloe is?! Get chu some Aloe right now! Check out this video on how to grow Aloe.

So here is how I took my clones:

-I broke off a piece of my aloe plant and cut a slit in the top
-I took my clones and placed them in the filet and used a thumbtack to hold the aloe together
-I kept them like this overnight but I’ve also heard that you really only need to keep them in there for 30-60 minutes
-When I woke up, I took the clones out of the aloe and placed them in soil in my humidity dome

Easy peasy. I’ll keep you updated on how long it takes to root.

Much love,