Today is the day! I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever and it’s finally here!

At first I was going to start with clones but a couple friends advised me to start with seeds since clones can bring problems. Starting by seed will seem more intimate anyways.

I’m starting with seeds from Pollen Nation. I have 3 “Nana’s Fix”, 3 “Sappy Sour” and 2 “Sour Krush”

I’ll soak them in water overnight and put them in 2 gallon containers tomorrow. I believe in the “power of intention” or whatever so I sat with my seeds and thought of feminine energy and love hoping that it will help the seeds to be female. Maybe I am crazy but there are also studies that show water transforms into beautiful shapes when you think of love and ugly shapes when you think of hate. But now that I am reading up on it, a lot of people think its bullshit. It’s called “Emoto’s Water Experiment”

Either way, I still like the idea. I also plan on mediating with my plants- even if you think it is bullshit and it doesn’t really help my plants- mediation definitely helps me so it won’t be a total waste of time.

Emoto’s Water Experiment:                                                     

Forum about plants responding to feeling of love:

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Do Plants have Consciousness?:

Thanks for listening to my hippie shit.

Much love!