Got off work around 9 and was excited to get my soil ready! I originally was going to put the seed in its final home- straight in a 15 gallon pot. The plant would be less stressed that way but I really didn’t have the room at the moment so I’m going with 2 gallon pots to start my seeds in.

I took one of the kits from my “No-Till kit” from Build A soil to start my seeds. I took 2 bags of their Living Soil with – tsp of Modern Microbes and – tsp of Seawed extract Humic acid extract and mixed it up in a large container.

The soil is super hydrophoic(meaning it repels water). If you don’t mix up the water and soil really good then you will have dry pockets and you’re gonna have a badtime. I just poured a bunch of water in with the soil in the container and got crazy! Its fun playing in soil 

I have them under a T-5 light as well as a regular house lamp near by for a lil extra somethin somethin. I think I’ll have to get another T-5 once they get bigger.