11/30- I decided to name all my plants individually after women who inspire me. I also transplanted my smallest plant, JK Rowling (Sappy Sour) into a large smart pot.

12/4- Started my first seed sprout tea (I will write more about this in my next blog)

My ladies have been drinking more lately so I’ve been watering more often.

12/16- My roommate confirmed that I officially have 1 female (Olive) so I transplanted her into a 15 gallon smart pot. I’m using the no till kits from Buildasoil.com. So I take two bags of the living soil and I put it in a large container to mix in. I add myModern Microbes and Cytoplus. Then I add water (tap water that I let sit out for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate). The soil comes extremely hydrophobic so you have to mix the water and soil really good to break that hydrophobic tendency. If you don’t mix really well then you will have dry pockets in your soil and your plants won’t grow as well.

Start some LABS
Next watering I will be doing another seed sprout tea
Get soil ready to transplant more into 15 gal

Some advice from one of my mentors:
Cover crop now
coconut/aloe every water if you can afford it
barley sst every 3 weeks the entire grow
corn sst 1 week before flower and another 3 weeks into flower
alfalfa sst week 5 flower.
Labs once a week. Those are some of my basics