I asked the instagram world if I should start flowering soon or if i should let them get taller first. I love hearing everyones opinion and I got a lot of good feedback.

I decided to wait a week until I flower since I am heading to the East coast soon and won’t have much time…

But in the meantime, I got my soil mixed up and ready. My finger is broken so it was easier for me to mix the soil with my feet. I think I might do that every time actually, it was easier on my back too.

The soil I got comes super hydrophobic so you have to mix up the water and soil real good or else you’ll have dry pockets and your plants are gonna have a bad time. I have a big plastic bin that I use to mix up the soil and water. A tarp might be easier though.

I have 5 no till kits from BuildASoil and I’m going to try out one EarthBox.

Today I started my blue corn SST to use next time I water.

I started my LABS today as well! It’ll be ready to use in about 2 weeks.

I took some more clones so now I have some clones that are in straight tap water, some in RO Water with Modern Microbes, and some I left in the aloe over night then put in soil. It’s fun to try different things and see what works for you.

I also defoliated the bottom leaves and cleaned them up a bit. I like to put the leaves in my smoothies, its super good for ya!


I’m excited to try out the Earthbox! Its cool because you water from the bottom and the soil wicks it up when its needed. I only bought one of these but now I kinda wish I got more because it has wheels so its way easier to move around and it makes watering super easy.

Here is a video on how it works:

That’s it for today! Thanks for checking out my grow blog 

Much Love,
Herbal Visionz