12/16- water all plants with sst
12/19- water all plants with EM1
12/22- water all with diluted aloe. switched plants around
12/25- *out of town* Roomie watered plants with SST
12/29- Water with Aloe and Modern Microbes. Transplanted
1/1- Watered my yellowish plant with a lil modern microbes
1/2- Watered Jill Stein w/ MM. Start 12/12
1/5- Transplant females and watered
1/15- Watered with Aloe Water.
1/25- Watered with Mammoth P (accidentally used 5x more then I should have! I read the measuring cup incorrectly like a goof! Hopefully it doesn’t mess with them too much)
1/27- watered with aloe and sst
2/1- Watered with “Peak Harvest Grow” from Elevation Organics. Got a sample from Indo Expo and decided to try it out. Its Fish Hydrolisate, Kelp, and Chilean Nitrate
2/6- Watered with EM-1
2/13- water with Mammoth (all plants including veg)
2/16- water with aloe and EM-1. All plants except 2 cover crop clones
2/19- Watered veg plants (straight water)
2/23- Watered plants in flower (Seaweed+Humic Acid and Modern M)
2/28- Watered all plants with SST
3/4- Watered all plants (except smaller seedlings) with SST and EM-1
3/9- Watered all plants with Mammoth P and leftover SST
3/11- Watered w/ Mammoth
3/14- Watered w/ Mammoth and Elevation Organics
3/18- watered w/ Recharge