Today I finished mixing up my soil to get ready to transplant into 15 gal smart pots. I also watered all my plants with Aloe water- I created a blog to keep track of my watering schedule HERE

I noticed one of my plants had some yellow streaks and was a much lighter green color than the rest. I hit up PFA and they said it could be because I need to transplant(shes in a 2 gal right now) which I think sounds right because I’ve noticed she hasn’t grown as much as the others.

They also said I should topdress and feed a compost tea. I had just watered with Aloe this morning so I just topdressed for now and I’ll add some microbes to my next watering.

I don’t have time to transplant until Tuesday so hopefully she will be ok until then!




That’s it for today! Happy Holidaze 

Much Love,
Herbal Visionz