WARNING: This post mentions healing from sexual assault using psychedelics and masturbation

Fun Masturbation Facts:

  1. One of the first vibrators was hand-cranked

    2. Doctors used to prescribe women with genital massage to treat “female hysteria”. They called their orgasm a “paraoxysm”. Men couldn’t fathom the idea that women had a sex drive so when ladies got sexually frustrated, they considered it a disease that needed treatment.


3. The founder of Kelloggs cereal hated masturbation and apparently created his boring cereal to decrease the libido of his consumers. His other treatments to curb masturbation included threading silver wire through the foreskin to stop erections for boys and for girls he prescribed rubbing carbolic acid on the clitoris.

Masturbating on Mushrooms

“I think of going to the Grave without having a Psychedelic Experience is like going to the Grave without ever having Sex. It means that you never Figured out what it is all about. The Mystery is in the Body and the way the Body Works itself into Nature.” -Terence Mckenna

Why is it that all the good things in life are seen as taboo? From exploring your body by yourself or with others to exploring your consciousness with psychedelics, we are disillusioned to believe these things are shameful but in reality they can make life beautiful. Why is it that everything that is natural, is seen as taboo? I believe that being disconnected from such natural instincts is damaging our society and perverting our ideas about sex and love. Perhaps, if our society had a healthier relationship with sex then there would be less instances of sexual assault. I do not think it a coincidence that the groups that demonize sex the most, have the biggest problems with rape and sexual assault. Repression leads to aggression. Instead of demonizing our natural sexual selfs, we should be embracing sexuality and providing better sexual education.

Some of you may know that i have ptsd from sexual trauma and being on mushrooms while orgasming was a healing and beautiful experience. I felt like i connected to "god", i felt like i deserved love again. I felt like i was queen of the universe! Connecting with myself in this way was healing because I was in control. I had power and control over my body.

A rapist steals your power and sense of self-worth. After the attack, I felt shame and disgust towards myself and my body. Masturbating is a way to remind yourself that you are worthy of respect and love. That your body is a temple and should be treated as such. I am a powerful Goddess when I practice self-love.

Realizing you’re capable of sexual satisfaction after rape is an incredible, powerful feeling. The day I realized that I didn’t need to feel guilty for wanting pleasure was the day I was liberated from my past. Being unapologetic about my sexuality was my way of healing. I deserve to feel good. I deserve pleasure. I deserve to have my boundaries and consent respected. It was a way to practice being comfortable and safe with my sexuality again. At the time of the assault, I didn’t have control of my body, but when I masturbate- I am in complete control. Masturbation is pleasure on your terms and only your terms. I use self-pleasure as a tool for declaring ownership of my sexuality. It is a way to figure out what makes you feel good so you can enjoy yourself more by yourself or with a partner.

I like to meditate as I microdose and masturbate and I see it as a spiritual practice. Using small amounts of psychedelics while masturbating was a way to connect with myself deeper. Psychedelics in general help me meditate and and allow me to be completely immersed in every moment and doing that while masturbating made the experience much more spiritual and meaningful.

For me, doing psychedelics is a way to connect with a higher power and doing that while climaxing can take it to a whole new level. On psychedelics, I will contemplate every cell in my body as I orgasm. I will feel every inch of my body and meditate into the moment. I will feel connected to the entire universe and I imagine the entire universe climaxing with me. It opened up my heart and allowed me to love myself again.

I’d like to share this comment from a fellow psychedelic masturbator:
”I'm not comfortable going into detail but I do generally masturbate when I trip. Doesn't matter if it's low or mid or even sometimes higher dose. My libido almost always increases from baseline. For a long time I was with a partner and we separated. I had been and still am lonely from time to time. When I masturbate on shrooms it's almost as if I'm not alone. The tactile sensations cover a great deal of my body as long as I'm thinking about a passionate act. Climax is unbelievable. For a long time I thought that making love was the ultimate act of passion but I feel that Psilocin made me question this. I feel it's important to love oneself at a spiritual and emotional level and also to be able to pleasure oneself and know one's desires. It's harder to love another when one can't love oneself and maybe this is a silly means of encouraging personal appreciation... But I'm more comfortable with my body and sexuality over the course of this year and a good deal of that is due to Psilocin. For a brief moment you can feel connected to everything and if your eyes are closed the CEVs go nuts. An explosion of color and form and depth”

You should check out the talk from Psymposia titled "How psychedelics changed my love life" on youtube. 

Why the Clinical Use of Psychedelics May Heal Sexual Trauma

“At any rate, numerous studies, herehere, and here suggest that openness is one of the most important traits linked to positive sexual experience, and psilocybin appears to influence this dimension.  If positive personality change can occur through the clinical administration of psychedelics, that may very well be one of the biggest breakthroughs in psychiatry in years. And it could also have significant implications in helping individuals heal from sexual trauma.”

Psychedelics & Sexual Healing: A Talk with Dee Dee Goldpaugh

This is a great interview from Pymposia about using psychedelics for sexual healing:
“One of the biggest challenges I see with clients who experience sexual dysfunction is intense fear and anxiety and very rigid thinking. I think we can make a good argument that psilocybin can be used to very positive ends to ameliorate existential anxiety around sexual performance and help people to be present with their experience of sexual pleasure.”

I'll conclude with a quote from Hunter S Thompson, "Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex"

And from Ram Dass "Love is the most transformative medicine. For love slowly transforms you into what psychedelics only get you to glimpse"